Jayud Global Logistics, Ltd. is one of the leading providers of supply-chain solutions. We are based in Shenzhen, China, where we focus on logistics across borders. According to the Frost & Sullivan Report, in 2021, out of all supply-chain providers in Shenzhen, we ranked fifth in revenue.

We chose Shenzhen because of its unique geographical advantages, which allow us to support logistics on land, in the air, and across the ocean. One of the most open and dynamic regions in China, Shenzhen is home to renowned enterprises such as Tencent, China Resources Land, and Shenzhen Mindray Bio-medical. It is a gathering place for e-commerce players, providing a large customer base on which we have built deep relationships with our customers. Steady growth in the local economy, along with supportive government policies, have aided our growth and made operations more convenient.

Jayud Global Logistics owns several patents and is constantly innovating with our own proprietary IT systems. These cutting-edge IT platforms allow customers to digitize and automate their supply chain for greater efficiency. 

Our comprehensive services include freight forwarding, supply chain management, custom brokerage, and logistics IT.

Freight Forwarding Services

Freight forwarding can be either integrated or fragmented. Integrated logistics cover the entire delivery process from the original order to final delivery. Our customers may choose from various modular logistics based on our understanding of the demands of various industries, for example e-commerce, the chemical industry, and the retail sector.

Our fragmented logistics can include a combination of air, ocean, or overland freight, plus warehousing, ports and depots, indefinite delivery, and coordination between carriers.

Supply Chain Management

We engage in international trading directly through purchasers and sellers. Alternatively, our customers may engage us as their international trade agent to streamline their supply chain.

Custom Brokerage

We assist importers and exporters in meeting government requirements for customs entry and admissibility, classification, valuation, as well as duty rates and applicable taxes and fees for imported merchandise.

Intelligent Logistics IT

Outsource your entire supply chain process to Jayud, and let our proprietary IT systems manage your distribution network seamlessly.



          Multiple Vectors for Growth

          Enhanced Logistics Network

  • Penetrate further into China.
  • Increase # of destinations and frequency of flights and shipments.
  • Build more warehouses in major transportation hubs.

          Custom Solutions for Different Industries

  • Find ways to integrate our services with specific verticals.
  • Cover the entire supply chain from manufacturing through delivery.

          Invest in Human Capital

  • Provide a continuous learning environment and opportunities for employees to grow.
  • Recruit local talent to acquire expertise in local markets.
  • Maintain a strong corporate culture.

          R&D in Smart IT

  • Introduce new IT systems for increased agility in responding to customers.
  • Seamlessly integrate all of our various IT systems.
  • Inspire and train customers to digitize their supply chain.

          Partnership & Acquisitions

  • Seek out opportunities for acquisition, revenue sharing, partnership, and investment.
  • Expand our global distribution network by establishing warehouses throughout the USA.
  • Recent investment: 52% equity investment in Shenzhen Jayud Yuncang Technology Co., Ltd. for their distributed mini-warehouses, which will extend our reach to the Southeast Asian market.